Mora Fizzy C+

Carbonated and ordinary water


Carbonator unit with tube included.

Now you can make your own carbonated water. Mora Izzy C+ is designed for modern kitchens, with harmony and elegance as keywords. It adds a special touch to your daily life and gives you both ordinary water and refreshing carbonated water - in the same tap. You also help care for the environment, and no longer have to carry water home from the shop or take empty bottles for recycling. Sweden has the world's best tap water - make the most of it!

It's this easy to install:

1. A Bubble box is installed under your kitchen sink. Slim line and compact.

2. The Mora Tap is installed like a normal mixer. The whole installation takes about an hour for an installer.

3. Done! Enjoy glass after glass with carbonated water. One tube lasts for about 100 l.

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