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240 Litre MainsBoost c/w Charger & 28mm Line in Kit & Bypass Kit



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MainsBoost 240 litre Accumulators are manufactured in Boston, USA and are produced to the highest possible quality standards, using only the very best materials, and come with full WRAS approval. This allows the manufacturer to offer a 5 year guarantee.* No other vessel in the UK market place offers the same reassurance.   MainsBoost vessels are suitable for a wide range of applications including:- Water booster units,irrigation systems and thermal expansion.

The MainsBoost accumulator unit is designed with a patented controlled action CAD2 diaphram assembly. It features a chlorine resistant 100% Butyl diaphram with a precision molded copolymer polypropolene liner for superior air and water seperation.The CAD2 diaphram assembly is clenched together with a positive lock internal clench ring which contains draw off water in a precharged air atmoshpere, thereby providing seperation between the diaphram and the vessel wall.This "air buffer" eliminates problems of condensation. Constructed from a WRAS  approved high grade Butyl, the diaphram assembly seals water in a true non corrosive chamber. In order to suspend debris and prevent clogging of the inlet port, water enters the vessel via a stainless steel connection and port diffuser, which directs water into the chamber, agitating it as it enters. The air chamber is sealed with a fixed O`ring and closed cell foam, thereby providing years of trouble free use.

MainsBoost units are finished with an epoxy undercoating and an almond coloured two part polyurethane high gloss finish.    All MainBoost vessels are manufactured to ISO9001 standards and are quality tested at several stages during production to ensure the integrity of every unit.

Each MainsBoost system is supplied complete with a correctly sized, bespoke "Line In" kit. This kit is purposely designed to control and limit the incoming mains water pressure and comprises; Isolating valve, pressure reducing valve c/w gauge, double check valve, line strainer and upstream pressure gauge.


The Charger is designed to overcome the problem of the incoming cold water mains being of insufficient pressure to effectively fill a MainsBoost system.This is generally where the incoming dynamic water pressure is less than 1.5 bar, (or in laymans terms where the water pressure at the highest draw off point in the property does NOT meet expectations). N.B.The Charger unit must only be used in conjunction with a MainsBoost system,(which will include an upstream kit and bypass kit). Failure to do so will be considered an infringement of Patent and may result in legal proceedings. 

The Charger is a water regulations compliant pump unit for installation on the incoming water main.It is used to trickle feed water (at 12 l/min) into the MainsBoost water storage system, by generating a higher water pressure than that from a poor incoming water main.When full the MainsBoost system will then supply water as required on demand from the draw off points. Once the pressure within the MainsBoost system is optimised the Charger unit helps preserve system dynamic pressure when in a demand state.   The installation of a correct line sized by pass allows a flow of water direct from the incoming water main to fill the MainsBoost unit or contribute directly to the demand draw off requirement, as and when mains dynamic conditions allow, therefore eliminating the need for the pump to run at all times, i.e not every litre of water is pumped, .This reduces the running time of the Charger pump unit and contributes significantly to the  extremely low running costs of the MainsBoost Charger system.   The Charger used in conjunction with a MainsBoost system can be used to improve the performance of :-

  • Unvented Cylinders
  • Instantaneous Water Heaters
  • Hot Water Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Combination Boilers
  • Mains water riser to medium height buildings
  • Any other mains water fed appliance


Max Working Pressure                   10 Bar

Max Working Temp                          90 Degrees C

Standard Pre Charge Pressure    2.6 Bar

240 Litre Nominal Capacity

Height                                                 121.2cm

Diameter                                            47.8cm

Weight                                                 36.47kg

Patented CAD2 diaphragm technology

Condensation reducing design

Two part polyurethane, epoxy primed paint finish

Leak free air valve cap sealed with closed cell foam

Comprehensive testing

No maintenance





NSF Standard 61, CE/PD, WRAS, ACS,
ISO-9001, Gost approved Stainless steel water connection






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