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FM Mattsson & A.L.Challis Ltd Awarded NCAGE (NATO) Codification Number

NATO LogoAs a supplier of mixers and taps to the MOD (Ministry of Defence) A.L.Challis has recently been awarded an NCAGE number.

NCAGE is the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) commercial & government entity code.  This code has been implemented as part of the NATO Codification System to provide a short hand coded method of capturing the manufacturer identity related to a drawing or part numbers within the database record for NATO stock numbered items (NSN).

The robust nature, reliability and unrivaled 5 year guarantees available on our mixers and taps has been an important consideration for the MOD.  This confidence in our units has been reflected in the award of this number and marks an important milestone in FM Mattsson & A.L. Challis continuing relationship with the MOD

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