Mora Styxx

Electronically controlled mixer with LED


Electronic mixer. Nozzle with integrated control panel. Two jet settings. LED temperature indicator.

Mora Armatur's latest kitchen mixer, Styxx, explodes the limits of kitchen units as we know them. It's not just the electronic control panel, the LED-lighting, the exceptional finish and the state-of-the-art visual design that are guaranteed to impress. With Styxx, you regulate the temperature, water pressure and spray jet with one hand, leaving the other hand free to wash the dishes, cook, care for your children or whatever else you need to do. Make innovation your new dimension - Mora Styxx.

It's this easy to install:

1. A small electrical box concealed under the sink unit is plugged into the electrical network. A backup battery ensures uninterrupted function if the electricity cuts out.

2. Mora Styxx is installed in the sink unit. The tap functions are easily controlled with buttons on the electronic control panel. A professional can install the whole system in about an hour.

3. It's ready for use. Now you've got a truly exceptional tap. With easy control, adjustable jet settings and a beautiful design, its' a joy to rinse both fruit and dishes.

Jet settings

There are two different jet settings: a concentrated jet for filling a glass of water, and a practical spray setting for quickly and efficiently washing or rinsing dishes. You switch between the settings by pressing the centre button for two seconds.

LED-lighting with temperature indication

The control display has as efficient and informative background lighting system that shows the mixing proportions between cold (blue) and hot (red) water.

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